A Shoreline Dream Unleash Music Video For “harlow syndrome”

A Shoreline Dream Unleash Music Video For "harlow syndrome"

Denver, Colorado post-punk-gaze trio A Shoreline Dream have unleashed the video for their latest single “harlow syndrome“.

The track features on their recent album ‘Loveblind‘, released last month (September 23) via Latenight Weeknight Records. Get your copy here.

Shot in Denver & Littleton, Colorado, the video was filmed, direct and edited by Ryan Policky with costumes by Tiffany Smyth and Jessica Halrpine.

Ryan shares:

My first intention was to create a video for the moment I thought I was passing away, which goes along with that track. I personally feel it’s one of the best on the album after giving it some time to settle. This ‘Loveblind’ album is an introspective view of things building all the way up, then crashing back down – like relationships that try to rekindle, only to find that the original reason for the failure has grown even stronger. The songs and driving energy behind each represents rare moments of true passion and also those of complete devastation, even in perceived time of feeling, things couldn’t get any better, a finality lies waiting behind the next corner.”

Watch/listen below.

A Shoreline Dream “harlow syndrome”

Loveblind, their sixth full length album, is a record that dives into the recollections and desires of the past while gazing in a wash of sound waves pointed towards a blinding future.