A Slice Of Life Drop Music Video For “Matterhorn”

A Slice Of Life Drop Music Video For "Matterhorn"

Belgium new wave/post punk/gothic band A Slice Of Life have dropped the video for their latest single “Matterhorn“.

Matterhorn features on the band’s recent album ‘Tabula Rasa‘, released back in September. Buy it here.

The video was directed and created by Els Kerkhofs. Watch it below

A Slice Of Life “Matterhorn”

Band Bio

A Slice Of Life is a Belgian band with roots in Post-Punk, alternative rock and wave. This creates a melancholic but driven and catchy sound.

Good music deserves strong vocals: a singing voice in which you can recognize the timbres of Robert Smith, Bowie, Peter Murphy, Ian Curtis,….

Live the band is rock solid and the variation and energy on stage is unmistakable. They played in smaller clubs but also at major festivals such as W-Festival, Wave Gothic Treffen Leipzig, Sinner’s Day, …

They released their debut album “Restless” in 2018 and was very well received at home and abroad: even rewarded with 4/5 stars in the national press (het Nieuwsblad).

On the new album Tabula Rasa (released September 2022) the band increasingly finds its own identity and sound. Each song is a story: sometimes subdued, then exuberant and even a little playful. Guitars often predominate, but there is also room for piano, electronics and even strings.