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ABOUT US: KOOL ROCK RADIO is an independent radio created to play the best indie music. Our goal is to introduce new bands from all over the world that play all kinds of alternative genres including Indie Rock, Post-Punk, Nu New Wave, Shoegaze, Indie Dance, Indie Pop, Synth Pop, E-clash, Electro, Minimal and Cold Wave, all mixed with classic alternative and New Wave sounds from the last four decades.


General Manager/Founder and Programming Music/Director

Listening to and playing music has always been a large part of his life, he started this journey as a kid listening to rock/pop, punk & wave music. His music career began when he was 13 years old on local radio stations in the 80s. His first band was formed with his brothers (1979), it was a rock band influenced by KISS.

Growing up he hosted radio shows in the most important FM stations and play in the best clubs in his country, and internationally.

After his return from Europe, he started to play as a DJ at the prestigious Shooter Club called Crocco’s, and at the same time he entered television producing his own video music program called Dissolution, which lasted 3 years. Determined to spread the new music, he began touring and hosting parties throughout the country, and to date, he has more than 1,000 live performances.

In the mid 90s DJ Relax began to produce his own music programs, it is there that the first electronic music program called PORNOC was born, which allowed him to organize the first proper rave in Peru (at Miraflores district in Lima). Then came emblematic programs such as Dance Tracks (2 years), PORNOC (28 years), FLASHBACK (35 years), The Lab of DJ Relax (23 years) to name a few.

The next step was more ambitious, DJ Relax decided to start his own radio project, and thus Kool Rock Radio was born.

If human beings need air to survive, I need music.

When i first heard to Sex Pistols they blew my mind, and Joy Division put all the pieces back together again.

DJ Relax



Assistant Music Director/Website Designer/Digital Content Editor

She joined Kool Rock Radio in 2007.

First is the music.

In addition to all the genres/styles played on Kool Rock Radio, I also love Classical Music, AC, R&B, Jazz/Swing…


DJ Cleaver (Columbus, OH)

Stephen Hannula AKA DJ Cleaver, joined Kool Rock Radio in 2005 as the host of “Odditorium“, “Leave it to Cleaver” and “Cleaver’s Classic Cuts“.

Born in 1962, it wasn’t long before he began a lifelong love of music. At first it was the Monkeys and The Partridge Family on TV then the pop hits of the late 60’s and 70’s.

He teamed up with some friends and formed his first band. Then, in his senior year, he heard music from Talking Heads, The Cars, The Tubes, Devo and The Police. His favorite band was and is Joy Division and they helped him get through some rough times.

At the radio station he hooked up with another DJ who had a band and was looking for a drummer. Together they formed Ceilings Below and played out quite a bit in the mid to late 1980’s in the Cleveland area. They actually released a self-titled album around 1988.

Cleaver hooked up with DJ Relax in the early days of file sharing who noticed his interest in music.
He contacted him with a crazy idea he had for an internet radio station called Kool Rock Radio and the rest is history. They have been working together ever since, too many years to even know. He have hosted several programs over the years, Cleaver’s Classic Cuts, The Odditorium (industrial music) and Leave It To Cleaver where I try to play music from the 1980’s and some more recent releases that sound like they could have been recorded in the 80’s.

My favorite music is still probably the music of the 1980’s though I do like some of the newer minimal electronic stuff and a lot of the industrial and EBM stuff being released. Factory Records, 4AD, and Wax Trax! are my favorite labels with Joy Division, New Order, Skinny Puppy and The Cocteau Twins being some of my favorite bands.

DJ Cleaver

DJ Stanley Rosenbaum (Kentucky, US)

DJ Stanley joined KRR in 2022 as the host of “Staque Attack Show”.

Stan Rosenbaum (or Staque as people call him) is a pure child of the 80’s and loves pretty much everything related to that geeky time and music and computers. Originally he went to music school (Berklee College of Music), but then ended up make video games for a while (include Guitar Hero).

He was the weekend host for an NPR station for about 5-ish years, before he went back to school. WUKY Lexington, KY specifically. But then he got a got couple masters degrees in Computer Science and now he programs computers and iPhones for medical and accessible needs by day.

By night he scours the world for forgotten music from the 80’s, 90’s, and beyond, and trying to write then next great science fiction/fantasy epic or concept album. Otherwise he lives a boring life BUT IS HAPPY WITH THE MUSIC.

My favorite genres are Post-Punk / New Wave, that is my over all favorite, but I like a lot genres. The only genres I do not care for are Death Metal and Country, and it is mostly the singing I don’t care for in those.

My favorite Bands are Rush, Mute Math, Orbital, Tin Machine, Chvrches, Future Unlimited, Hammock, Prince, Odesza, Carbon Based Lifeforms, The Mermen, Peter Gabriel, The P-Furs, Talk Talk, Vivaldi, Yoko Kanno, Oingo Boingo (and probably a couple others I am forgetting right now).

DJ Stanley


Tina (from London)
Katie S (from London)
Mike Kent (from NYC)
Andy Smith (NYC)
Danny Loberg (San Francisco)
Peter Chris (LA)
Vinnie Burke (Chicago)
Catherine Bee (NYC)
Jose Ignacio (Barcelona-Spain)
Lola (Madrid-Spain)
Aimée (France)
Armin Brown (Hamburg)
Gretchen Braun (Berlin)
Hanna (Berlin)
Wilhelmine (Munich)
Sander Van Der Boer (Amsterdam)
Heinrick Van Dijk (Rotterdam)
Martina & Emilia (Argentina)
Nova Jasper (Australia)
Tom Middelton (Manchester)

Kool Rock Radio works on an independent way. We love the freedom to play what we want, to work with what we love the most and to give to our listeners the pleasure of hearing the greatest new and classic tunes. Please be aware because KRR is Highly Addictive!