Adios MF Premiere New Single “They”

Adios MF Premiere New Single "They"

Sheffield dark wave/ electronic /post punk collective Adios MF (spearheaded by Nathan Keeble) have premiered their new single “They“.

The song is out today, June 7 through Dash The Henge Records. Buy it here.

“They,” recorded between Brooklyn and Brixton, serves as a sonic manifesto of what’s to come. Their music defies categorization, blending elements of post-punk, electronica, and avant-garde into a sonic tapestry that’s uniquely their own.

With sleek production by Nathan Saoudi and Richard Wilson yet coursing with enough detail and character to set it apart, with this impish 80s beat, sinewy guitars, metallic dapping keyboards, and sample loops, it forges a uniquely futuristic sound that’s at once both familiar and yet mirrors the churn of the cityscape. 

With a sound that hints at the influence of acts like Human League, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, and Molly Nilsson, the vocals are addictive and almost mechanical, driven with hooky melodic ticks that sink their nails into and won’t let go, and yet the lyrics reside with a disquiet at the creeping gentrification of urban redevelopment (“They built a Starbucks on my street”) and reference to shadowy figures who might take you away. It hints at a dark underbelly and sci-fi dystopia in which every action is being watched. 

ADIOS MF say of the track:

“They” is a Kitsch by product of existence amid the constant churn of urban development and the persistent buzz of drilling. It was written as a tonic to the realisation that resistance is futile; you must simply acquiesce to the world of urbanism and let it carry you along on its unpredictable journey, set to a naughty 80s beat.”

Take a listen now.