Advertisement Air New Single/Video “Where Is My Baby?”

Advertisement Air New Single/Video "Where Is My Baby?"

Los Angeles/Seattle-based rock six-piece Advertisement have aired their new single “Where Is My Baby?“, alongside an accompanying video.

Lifted from the upcoming sophomore album ‘Escorts‘, due to be released on September 15 via Feel It Records. Pre-order it here.

Thematically, Escorts dabbles in a type of lighthearted black comedy. Vignettes of different city-life scenes roll forward in cinematic fashion, ruminating on bizarrely fumbled pseudo-romances and the helpless repetition of beating one’s psyche against the world again and again.

Guitarist/primary-singer Charlie Hoffman tells, “I’m always drawn to the subtle, nihilistic humor of movie references like commedia all’italiana—Dino Risi’s Il Sorpasso is big in particular—and John Cassavetes. I draw a lot upon these little slice of life stories, tales of petty criminals and fools and losers that feel fun and light, but then end in these sudden and totally unnecessary tragedies.”

With Escorts, the band provides a convincing argument for guitar-driven rock’s continued ability to reflect the maddening incoherency of the world around us.

“Where is My Baby?” launches the listener out of the apartment and into the midnight streets, following a foolishly optimistic character as he stumbles after an elusive love interest with a “smile like lemonade,” only for him to tumble to an untimely end in the shallows of the Hudson River. 

Watch the Kyle Mangione-Smith-directed video below.

Advertisement “Where Is My Baby?”

Escorts Tracklisting:

  1. Victory
  2. Dancing Scrooge
  3. Where Is My Baby?
  4. Kingdom Land
  5. Stupid Boys
  6. Eyes of the Night
  7. Only the Prophets
  8. Nobody’s Cop
  9. Motel Me
  10. Eat Your Heart Out
  11. Point Reyes
  12. Red Rocky Suite