Agender Unveil New Single “Damaged Girls”

Agender Unveil New Single "Damaged Girls"

LA-based post-punk band Agender have unveiled their new single “Damaged Girls“.

The song “A hard hitting homage to women… the more complex cuties,” is out now and marks their first new material since last year’s sophomore LP ‘No Nostalgia’.

Get it here and watch the Romy Hoffman-directed video below.

Agender “Damaged Girls”

Agender is Romy Hoffman (guitars/vocals/synths), Cristy Michel (bass), Sara Rivas (synths), and Christy Greenwood (drums).

With Australian songwriter and musician Romy at the helm, the quartet makes schizo, synthy, paranoid, post-punk with a dash of dysmorphic desire. And fans? They revel in their sweeping existential terror that comes with a fetish for femininity.

Initially formed in 2011 as a solo punk excursion for Hoffman, Agender was born when she decided to get sober. “It started as impulsive, a way to cope with all these new, raw feelings. I played every instrument myself on the first Agender record.” But as quickly as it started as a solitary endeavor, it evolved into a trio just two years later. By 2014, the band had become known for its intense punk shows and had released its sophomore album Fixations via Desire Records. Since then, the queer post-punk outfit has now become a full-fledged quartet with bassist Cristy Michel, drummer Christy Greenwood and synth player Sara Rivas rounding out the band. Still, Hoffman still remains its focal point as the primary writer in the group.

Photo credit: @dre_kainuma