Album of The Week: Boy With Apple ‘Attachment’

Album of The Week: Boy With Apple 'Attachment'
Boy With Apple “Attachment”

Our featured album this week is ‘Attachment‘, the excellent debut LP by Swedish dream pop / shoegaze / indie band Boy With Apple.

Made up of lifelong friends Zara Henrikkson, Nils Wästberg, Saga Fransson and Tim Hedlund, Boy With Apple emerged in 2019. They released their debut EP, Walk in the Park in 2020 via VÅRØ records. The tracks “Strawberry Boy“, “Brighter Than the Sun” and “Linger On“, released in 2022, earned them international acclaim while leaving us wanting more.

In 2023, they performed in Wales, Vienna, and New York, and began recording their much awaited debut album, “Attachment.”

“Attachment” is a closure with the first period for Boy With Apple. The diversity of the songs shows the diversity of the member’s personalities and musical preferences. Just like the members, the songs, stick together astonishingly. It’s a unique sound combining raw shoegaze with dreamy waves.

Throughout Attachment‘s 13 tracks, the guitars and synths combine perfectly, crafting a dense, multi-dimensional soundscape that is both intriguing and engaging. The vocals provide an extra atmosphere to the songs, making the listener feel transported to another world.

Favourite tracks: GBG Hills, Valentine, Strawberry Boy, Green Eyes, Linger On, Iceage…

Attachment is out now through Varo Records. Grab it here and take a listen below.

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  1. GBG Hills
  2. Valentine
  3. Lily
  4. Strawberry Boy
  5. Aquatic Sun Theme
  6. Rosemary’s Baby
  7. Brighter Than The Sun
  8. Linger On
  9. Good For You
  10. Green Eyes
  11. My Girl
  12. Iceage
  13. Beside Me