Album of the Week: BRACCO ‘Dromonia’

French mega wave/punk/noise duo BRACCO just released their sophomore LP ‘Dromonia‘ through Born Bad Records and it’s our new Album of the Week.

A record is a great companion to a concert. You can extrapolate all kinds of things from it. With memories from every angle you witnessed live. It contains all that, you just need to let it unfold. ‘Dromonia’, second album after Grave, is one of those small papers folded with insistence until they become harder than wood. The ones on which you wrote the most important of things. Death, confessions, mistakes.

Bracco has the kind of smooth and wet skin labels can’t stick to. Still, they let their music be haunted by ghosts of the dark wave family. They fancy Psychic TV, DAF, Suicide, Throbbing Gristle.

Music veterans will note that Bracco has that distinctive sound of pivotal periods when everything gets dicey (the day guitar made its way into techno, that moment when punks learned a fourth chord, the night the Happy Mondays entrusted Bez with maracas). That path is paved with brave records.

The clinical and efficient mix of producer Marc Portheau incites to play the record harder than the current shitty atmosphere. Together, they gave the tracks the industrial treatment. Lauriane, from shoegazers Bryan’s Magic Tears, joined them for a vocal featuring.