Album of the Week: Breeze “Sour Grapes”

Album of the Week: Breeze "Sour Grapes"

Our featured album this week is ‘Sour Grapes‘, the brand new record from Canadian indie rock/post punk/dream punk band Breeze.

The 9-track album, recorded by Josh Korody, and mastered by Mark Gardener of RIDE, delivers a distinctive 90s-inspired sound that explores the complexity of relationships and builds upon the brit-pop new-wave sound that garnered critical acclaim for their 2021 release.

Breeze showcases their versatility with “Have You Ever Suffered,” an exploration of lo-fi beats and electronic post-punk blending into a raw and energetic composition. Korody’s poetic prowess builds with the intensity of the band’s powerful percussion. Breeze “Sour Grapes” is nostalgic, bittersweet, and an essential end-of-year offering.

The pace and vibrant energy carries through on “Ready For Love” with Korody’s emotive vocal pleas tugging at heartstrings while the cascading rhythm effortlessly sways the dance floor, evoking the bravado of Fontaines D.C. and the melancholy of The Human League.

Gardener describes album closer “Heart Attack Waiting To Happen” as a “dance floor banger” and a personal favorite from the album. The track seamlessly blends acid-house influences, commencing with a modest synth patch and building into a dark electro jam born out of a spontaneous studio session and showcases Breeze’s ability to create a euphoric, high-energy indie-rave experience.

Favourite tracks: “You’ve Decided”, “Disposable”, “Ready for Love”, “Agitated”, “Never Gave You”, “Heart Attack Waiting to Happen”…

Sour Grapes is out now via Hand Drawn Dracula. Grab your copy here and take a listen below.

Sour Grapes Tracklist:
  1. You’ve Decided
  2. Disposable
  3. Have You Ever Suffered?
  4. Ready for Love
  5. Agitated
  6. Weapon
  7. Never Gave You
  8. Honestly
  9. Heart Attack Waiting to Happen

Photo credit: Colin-Medley