Album of the Week: Cosey Mueller ‘Irrational Habits’

Album of the Week: Cosey Mueller 'Irrational Habits'

Our featured album this week is ‘Irrational Habits‘ by Berlin electronic/synthwave musician Cosey Mueller.

Also known for her work as one-half of the synthpunk duo DAS DAS, Cosey new solo album ‘Irrational Habits‘, follows her debut LP ‘Interior Escapes’ (listed as one of the 100 best albums of 2021), and features 8 tracks written, recorded and mixed by Cosey herself.

Inspired by the electronic NDW-underground of the 80s analogue sounds, Mueller sound’s features LoFi aesthetics, simple melodies and monotonous beats, as well as catchy vocals and lyrics that take listeners straight into the emotional world of Cosey Mueller.

The record is out now via Static Age Musik.