Album of the Week: Current Affairs ‘Off the Tongue’

Album of the Week: Current Affairs 'Off the Tongue'

Our featured album this week is ‘Off the Tongue‘ from Glasgow post punk/new wave band Current Affairs.

The 10-track album features songs written in pieces over a long time and distance, but fully formed in the instant of the recording room across just a few days by producer Ross McGowan at Chime Studio.

These new songs feel a little brighter than their previous offerings, yet still hold true to their propulsive and caterwauling sound. Current Affairs’ music straddles new-wave pop and gothic post-punk in the way that you should expect a Glasgow-Berlin band to do so: with grit and panache.

Six years on from the release of that first perfect demo tape, Glasgow/Berlin four piece Current Affairs finally emerge with their debut album, Off The Tongue.

Despite the significant time that separates then from now, Off The Tongue shows they’ve retained all of their initial vibrancy. If anything, they’re a much better unit, coiled and wired, endlessly restless guitars aiming for the redline but never at the expense of melody, hitting a sweet-spot between the taut gestures of Pylon, the artschool smarts of first-three-albums Wire and the hyperactive glamour of Siouxsie.

Favourite tracks: No Fuss, Reactor, Get Wrecked, Big Limit, Her Own Private Multiverse…

Off the Tongue‘ is out now via Tough Love Recordings. Get it here and stream it below.

Off the Tongue Track List:

  1. No Fuss
  2. Reactor
  3. Right Time
  4. Riled
  5. Get Wrecked
  6. Regardless
  7. Cahoots
  8. Casual Radicals
  9. Big Limit
  10. Her Own Private Multiverse