Album of the Week: Daiistar ‘Good Time’

Album of the Week: Daiistar 'Good Time'

This week’s featured album is ‘Good Time‘, the excellent debut record from Austin noise-pop/alt/shoegaze band Daiistar.

Produced by The Black Angels’ Alex Maas and engineered by James Petralli of White Denim, the 10-track record transports you back to the Madchester era with its well-crafted melodies and psychedelic guitar riffs reminiscent of the early 90s, sparkling melodies, and immersive shoegaze-tinged hooks.

Creating a narcotic blend of noise and melody, the band takes their inspiration from the neo-psychedelic era of the 80s and 90s and pulls it into the future with modulating synthesisers, heavy guitars, bouncing bass lines, and spiralling hooks.

In a previous press release, guitarist/vocalist Alex Capistran, elaborated on the album:

“To us, these songs were a glimmer of light. Starting a band at the peak of the pandemic to some might seem ill-timed, but to us it was a way to escape for a moment. There was something to look forward to and we kept our heads in the future. These songs guided us through some dark times and hopefully they can do the same for you.”

Favourite tracks: Star Starter, LMN BB LMN, Repeater, Say It To Me, Tracemaker, Speed Jesus, Heathens Gate…

Good Time‘ is out now 8th via Fuzz Club. Grab it here and stream it below.

‘Good Time’ Tracklist:
  1. Star Starter
  3. Repeater
  4. Tracemaker
  5. Purified
  6. Say It To Me
  7. Parallel
  8. Speed Jesus
  9. Heathens Gate
  10. Velvet Reality

In support of the record, out now via Fuzz Club, the band are gearing up for a US tour with The Black Angels and The Dandy Warhols, Texas album release shows with Night Beats, and festival appearances at Desert Daze and Freakout.