Album of the Week: Dead Leaf Echo ‘The Mercy of Women’

Album of the Week: Dead Leaf Echo 'The Mercy of Women'
Album of the Week: Dead Leaf Echo

Our featured album this week is ‘The Mercy of Women‘, the excellent new record from Brooklyn shoegaze/nouveau wave band Dead Leaf Echo.

Influenced by a pandemic-induced recording process, The Mercy of Women sees the band keeping their distinct blend of shoegaze and guitar-driven pop, while also exploring sounds that are both more intense and accessible than ever before.

Recorded over several sessions at home and in the practice studio, with final sessions in Studio G overseen by veteran engineer Jeff Berner (Psychic TV, Kurt Vile)., the 10-track record was mixed by James Aparacio (Spiritualized, Depeche Mode), while Joe Lambert (Deerhunter, Moby) was brought in to master.

The songs encapsulate the gift that the female of the species has given, from the dance hall Hacienda passion of album opener “BOO” to the forlorn forgiveness of the masses in “Forgivination.” Over a decade since their first release, Dead Leaf Echo continue to forge their own sound and find new levels of accessibility in their sound, with shoegaze-tinged tracks.

Favourite Tracks: Rings, Another Breath, Boo, Dream Orphans, Forgivination, Calls… we just can’t get enough.

The Mercy of Women is out now through PaperCup Music. Get it here and stream it below.

‘The Mercy of Women’ Tracklist:
  1. Boo
  2. Call
  3. Dream Orphans
  4. Mercyland
  5. The Mercy of Women
  6. Another Breath
  7. Mercy
  8. Succumb
  9. Forgivination
  10. Rings

Photo courtesy of Dead Leaf Echo