Album of The Week: Egyptian Blue ‘A Living Commodity’

Album of The Week: Egyptian Blue 'A Living Commodity'
Album of The Week: Egyptian Blue ‘A Living Commodity’

Brighton psychedelic-punk/post punk band Egyptian Blue have released their highly-anticipated debut album ‘A Living Commodity‘ and is our new Album of the Week.

Every element of Egyptian Blue’s fierce, uncompromising sound feels like hypnotism fuelled by psychosis. Their grinding riffs achieve a mesmeric power through brute repetition, while their rhythm section produces taut, nervous energy and intense post-punk grooves in equal measure.

With a new clarity of vision fully formed during the two-year break caused by pandemic-enforced delays, A Living Commodity represents a dynamic artistic shift from Egyptian Blue and showcases in full the scale and ambition of their songwriting.

“Everything I feel, I try to put into music,” says co-frontman, guitarist Andy Buss, “When I feel sad, I pick up a guitar. When I feel love, I pick up a guitar. When I feel anything, I want to put it into a song. I don’t know if it’s like a coping mechanism, but it’s 100% a cathartic process.”

“The pandemic allowed us the time to lick our wounds,” adds guitarist Leith Ambrose. “We’ve come back with a much stronger album because of it: more fully shaped and finessed. I think it will resonate with people.”

Favourite tracks: Matador, Nylon Wire, A Living Commodity, To Be Felt, Contain It, Suit Of Lights…

A Living Commodity is out now through Yala Records. Get your copy here and take a listen below.

‘A Living Commodity’ Tracklist:
  1. Matador
  2. Nylon Wire
  3. Belgrade Shade
  4. Skin
  5. In My Condition
  6. A Living Commodity
  7. Apparent Cause
  8. Suit Of Lights
  9. To Be Felt
  10. Contain It
  11. Geisha

Photo credit: Steve Gullick