Album of the Week: EKKSTACY ‘Ekkstacy’

Album of the Week: EKKSTACY
Album of the Week: EKKSTACY

Our featured album this week is Ekkstacy, the new record from Vancouver, BC indie/alt musician EKKSTACY.

Recorded with frequent collaborators Mangetsu and Apob between long stints on tour and festival plays over the course of the last two years, including his Lollapalooza debut earlier this year, EKKSTACY is the most dynamic version of the raw and frantic sound he first emerged onto the scene with on widely-celebrated debut NEGATIVE and breakout single “i walk this earth all by myself.”

The album sees the artist continuing his own brand of post-punk, new wave and even surf rock, and is an autobiographical reflection on [EKKSTACY’s] life as a musician and the highs and lows of the solitude that comes with creating art and touring.

He’s continued to hone that sound alongside Chris Coady (Beach House, Future Islands, The Drums, etc), who mixed the self-titled LP and his previous album Misery. His songwriting is resolutely solemn, but there’s a maturity behind the meandering thoughts in his head that blossomed into powerful post-punk, jangly surf-rock, and big, brash shoegaze moments on EKKSTACY.

Favourite tracks: i don’t have one of those, goo lagoon, bella, shutting me out, problems, get me out, fuck, chicago, i can’t find anyone…

EKKSTACY is out now via United Masters. Grab it here and stream it below.

EKKSTACY tracklist:

  1. i don’t have one of those
  2. luv of my life
  3. i guess we made it this far
  4. alright (feat. The Kid LAROI)
  5. goo lagoon
  6. bella
  7. shutting me out
  8. problems (feat. Trippie Redd)
  9. get me out
  10. fuck
  11. chicago
  12. headless horseman lost his way
  13. i can’t find anyone