Album of the Week: Film School ‘Field’

Single of the Week: Film School "Tape Rewind"

Our featured album this week is ‘Field‘, the new record from Los Angeles/San Francisco shoegaze/psych/alt band Film School.

The group have been indie shoegaze stalwarts since their formation in 2001. After two decades and a handful of line-up changes, their extensive discography presents a dynamically textural, lush psychedelic rock that has featured guest appearances by members of Pavement and My Bloody Valentine among others.

Enveloped by themes of regret, disconnection and frustration but with the space to understand that these feelings are a natural part of the struggle between reconciling the inner and outer self, Field cements Film School as a distinct, dominant force in the shoegaze scene.

Soaked in an emotionally open, imaginative atmosphere, the album is both singular and expansive, and leaves the door open for a constantly evolving interpretation. Film School have never confined themselves to the rigidity of specifics, and it’s on Field that they urge us to look beyond the binary of certainty, and to take a second look.

Favourite tracks: Influencer, All I’ll Ever Be, Is This A Hotel?, Defending Ruins, Baby, Don’t You Ever…

Field is out this Friday, August 26 via Felte Records. Grab it it here.

Field Tracklist:

  1. Tape Rewind
  2. Defending Ruins
  3. Don’t You Ever
  4. Isolator
  5. Baby
  6. Is This A Hotel?
  7. Up Spacecraft
  8. Lessen
  9. Influencer
  10. Tell Me Why
  11. All I’ll Ever Be