Album of the Week: Saccades ‘Land Of The Hearth’

Album of the Week: Saccades 'Land Of The Hearth'

Our featured album this week is ‘Land of The Hearth,’ the brand new record by Manchester-based psych pop/indie/electronic musician Nicholas Wood aka Saccades (one-half of The KVB).

Land of the Hearth takes its name from a passage by Jonathon Meades and signals a transition for Nicholas Wood, moving away from The KVB’s nocturnal soundscapes and industrial beats, and embracing a more Balearic sensibility.

The press release description “the album boasts a sun-kissed, dreamlike quality, occasionally nodding to the uplifting vibes of house music” couldn’t be more accurate.

Favourite tracks: Nearly Dreaming, One Day Soon, Neighbour’s Pool, New Star Line, Little Whites…

Land of The Hearth,’ is out via new imprint Old World New World Recordings. Grab it here and stream it below.

‘Land Of The Hearth’ Tracklisting:

  1. Nearly Dreaming
  2. One Day Soon
  3. Cross Street
  4. Neighbour’s Pool
  5. Some Regrets
  6. New Star Line
  7. Land Of The Hearth
  8. Faint Echoes
  9. Little Whites
  10. Dowsing
  11. Solstice