Album of the Week: Telehealth ‘Content Oscillator’

Album of the Week: Telehealth 'Content Oscillator'
Photo by Mikayla Neves

Seattle post punk/new wave/art rock band Telehealth debut full-length album ‘Content Oscillator‘ is out this week and is our Album of the Week.

Made up of Alexander Attitude and Kendra Cox of Lemolo, Telehealth is an unpredictable pop band with heavy nods to post-punk, minimal synth, egg-punk, new wave, art rock, glam, and krautrock.

Listening to ‘Content Oscillator’ is like stepping back in time and enjoying any early 80’s synth punk/new wave band, think of DEVO, Oingo Boingo, Graduate, XTC, Sparks, Plastics to name a few.

Describing the album, Alexander Attitude said:

Content Oscillator It is an angular collection of songs that alleviate the modern challenge of ‘just trying to not suck’ in the greenwashed, neoliberal, trash fire of a world we have built for ourselves. Utilizing a palette of cold arpeggiated synthesizers, sharp drum machines, herky-jerky rhythms, angular guitar work, melodic bass lines, and stupidly catchy melodies dowsed in honest sarcasm… ‘Content Oscillator’ embraces the absurdity and contradictory nature of the world we live in.”

Buy your copy here and stream it below.