Album of the Week: VOX LOW ‘Keep On Falling’

Album of the Week: VOX LOW 'Keep On Falling'

Our featured album this week is ‘Keep On Falling‘, the excellent new record from French post-punk/dark wave/psych band Vox Low.

According to the press release, on ‘Keep on Falling’, the band dare to don the ultimate sacred shroud of rock ‘n’ roll mythology: Vince Taylor’s black leather suit. On this record, they evoke the spirits of Jeffrey Lee Pierce from the Gun Club, the outlawed and feverish greasers of the fifties, as well as the acid rock heroes.

In a macabre dance between shadow and light, each track on the album reveals an unexpected depth, inviting the listener to plunge into an enchanting trance.

Vox Low merges genres to create an enchanting blend of soaring krautrock, funereal post-punk, hazy dub, and minimalist rock ‘n’ roll. While the tone may seem to harden, they also appear in a more pop and strangely brighter light. Solitude, melancholy flesh, fervor for outlaws clad in a pair of blue jeans, and the taste of metallic blood in the mouth—these are all the themes cherished by the post-punk bible—here, they are all beautifully captured in a collection of songs about faith and devotion.

Favourite tracks: Distance, New Place In Town, Keep on Falling, I Know I Will, Henry Rode, We Walk…

Keep on Falling‘ is out now through Born Bad Records. Buy it here and take a listen below.


  1. Distance
  2. New Place In Town
  3. Keep on Falling
  4. It Grows
  5. I Know I Will
  6. A Love Affair
  7. Henry Rode
  8. Breathless Tuesday
  9. We Walk