Album of the Week: We Are Scientists ‘LOBES’

Album of the Week: We Are Scientists 'LOBES'

Brooklyn, NY indie rock/power pop duo We Are Scientists have just released their eighth studio album ‘LOBES‘, and is our new Album of the Week.

Speaking about the album, singer Keith Murray said: “We consider Huffy (their previous record) our daytime record – it’s an upbeat rock album designed to soundtrack jetski rides to the Bahamas and piña colada in aquamarine-tiled jacuzzis. Our new album, Lobes, however, is our nighttime album. Overall, it’s more electronic, dancier, more ominous, and way sexier than Huffy.”

About the creative process he said:

“The lyrics for Lobes were written over a stretch of two to three years as the songs themselves came to fruition. Though the origins of the first songs begin around the same time as Huffy, they exist in entirely different musical universes… We were so psyched to finish Huffy after having given ourselves this formidable challenge of self-producing it and were fairly exultant with the end result. So that euphoria gave us a burst of further enthusiasm that colored the songs we wrote after that.” 

The self-produced record is out now via 100% Records. Grab it here.

We Are Scientists ‘LOBES’ Tracklist:

  1. Operator Error
  2. Dispense With Sentiment
  3. Human Resources
  4. Lucky Just To Be Here
  5. Turn It Up
  6. Settled Accounts
  7. Here Goes
  8. Parachute
  9. Less From You
  10. Miracle of ’22