Altered View Release New Single “Red Eyes”

Altered View Release New Single "Red Eyes"
Altered View “Red Eyes”

UK electronic/synthpop project Altered View, made up of Johnny Area and Johnny Midnight, have released their new single “Red Eyes“.

The track features on the ‘Taken From the Outer Realm’ EP, set to arrive on November 20 through Kilsha Music. Pre-order it here.

Altered View is a project born in lockdown and deep in some secluded UK woodland. There, Johnny Area and Johnny Midnight came together, fomented ideas, dreamt up sounds and fused their concepts and influences into a fresh new selection of tracks.

The EP’s opener ‘Red Eyes’ is a low-slung and sleazy cut with filthy bass guitars and post-punk drum energy. Dreamy pads, acid details and psychedelic colours all swirl around the deadpan vocals and make for something crisp and punchy that fans of everything from Depeche Mode to Joy Division will enjoy.

Take a listen below.

Taken From the Outer Realm‘ Tracklist:
  1. Red Eyes
  2. I See A System
  3. I Want To Dream
  4. Free From The Lights
  5. I Want To Dream (Jamie Blanco Remix)

‘I See A System’ is another bristling mix of sounds from beyond the dance floor. ‘I Want To Dream’ is a wall of scuzzy guitars run through with another dubby rhythm that brings dark disco moodiness to strobe-lit chug.

‘Free From The Lights’ is a final indie techno workout with muttered vocals, grimy bass guitars and psyched-out cosmic electronics filling in the airwaves.

Finally, is the remix by Jamie Blanco, a Sydney-based Londoner, Tusk Wax and half of Ess O Ess. Blanco flips ‘I Want To Dream’ into a rousing dance floor cut with strident drums and hopeful guitar licks.