Aluminum Unveil New Single/Video “Call An Angel”

Aluminum Unveil New Single/Video "Call An Angel"

San Francisco, CA indie rock/dreampop/shoegaze/alt band Aluminum have unveiled their new single “Call An Angel“.

The track features on their upcoming debut album ‘Fully Beat‘, due to be released on May 24 via Felte Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Fully Beat, overflows with tenured confidence and a singular style that deftly comprises shoegaze, big beat, and jangle pop. With influences ranging from Orbital, to Wipers, to The Avalanches and Sly and the Family Stone, theirs is a multifaceted take on established forms, fed through fuzz and led by honeyed, dual vocal harmonies from Bay Area post-punk veterans Marc Leyda (of Wild Moth) and Ryann Gonsalves (of Torrey).

“Call An Angel” ushers in the final act with a contrast of clattering drums, wobbling guitars and narcotic vocal delivery. The swell of a string section counters its experimental methods, offering a sense of resolute longing, and embodying the band’s dedication to creating different energies within a consistent atmosphere.

Watch the Rick Alteiri-directed video now.

Fully Beat Tracklist:

  1. Smile
  2. Always Here, Never There
  3. Behind My Mouth
  4. HaHa
  5. Pulp
  6. Beat
  7. Everything
  8. Call An Angel
  9. Birds Flew Here
  10. Upside Down
Aluminum “Call An Angel” Lyrics:

Pulling diamonds from your Head Form an answer from Regrets
Turn your heart to stone and back again
Well, I was dancing in your hand
There’s a ways to go
And back again
Call an angel
Showing symptoms of respect Find a me I’ve never met
Try to find my way and back again
Change the voice that’s in my head There’s a way to go
And back again
Call an angel