Andrew Hung Reveals New Single/Video “Soldier”

Andrew Hung Reveals New Single/Video "Soldier"

London artist Andrew Hungknown for his collaborative projects with Fuck Buttons and Beth Orton, has revealed his new single “Soldier” alongside an accompanying video.

The track features on his brand new album ‘Deliverance‘, out today, August 11th via Lex Records. Get your copy here.

“Soldier” distills the qualities that make Deliverance so irresistible: propulsive percussion, cinematic instrumentation, and Hung’s ever-emotive vocals. “War is a metaphor for change; an act that is both violent and inevitable,” says Hung. “This album does feel like the end of chrysalis stage for me, like breaking free from a previous life. ‘Soldier’ sounds like a singular soul wading through a raging war-zone, surrounded by desolation and destruction but still forging ahead. There’s a desperation in these instances; I accept the inevitability.”

In the video, directed by Tom Geens, Hung channels the song’s emotional intensity through extensive, tongue-in-cheek choreography. “What a blast these last ten days have been!,” says Geens. “Received the go-ahead on Friday for delivery two weeks later. Within six days the film was produced and shot. There is nothing like a tight deadline to get the creative juices going. And there’s nothing more exhilarating than having to think on the spot! All the more enjoyable with people like Andy.”

Hung continues, “I absolutely love this video that Tom made. Somehow he was able to create an incredibly deep and meaningful video that perfectly encapsulates the song and perhaps even the album itself: it’s fun, energetic but also sad and deep at the same time.”

Watch/listen below.

Andrew Hung “Soldier”
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Photo Credit: Zoe Davis