Art Feynman Releases New Single/Video “Desperately Free”

Art Feynman Releases New Single/Video "Desperately Free"

California experimental/art pop artist/producer Art Feynman, aka Luke Temple, has released the video for his new single “Desperately Free“.

It’s the second taste of his forthcoming album ‘Be Good the Crazy Boys‘, produced by Temple and Robert Shelton, due to be released on November 10 through Western Vinyl. Pre-order your copy here.

Recorded live in-studio with a full band, Be Good The Crazy Boys captures a spirit of restless anxiety, and also recalls the most frenetic work by Talking Heads, or Oingo Boingo at their darkest.

With Be Good The Crazy Boys, Art Feynman proves to be more than just a character. He represents the part of the modern, collective consciousness that’s struggling to maintain balance in a toxic, chaotic world. In less skilled hands, that concept could result in a very somber listen. Fortunately, when Art Feynman gets his hands on the chaos of the modern age, it simply makes you want to dance.

To me,” Temple explains, “there was a lot of energy that needed to be released as the result of living in isolation for six years. It also seems to speak to a general anxiety we’re all holding, but it’s expressed in a cathartic way.”

It’s this acknowledgement of general anxiety that separates Feynman from the other fictional personas that have been cropping up in the music world lately. Feynman doesn’t sound suave, confident, or even heartbroken in these songs; it sounds like he’s on the verge of a panic attack. 

Watch/listen below.

Photo Credit: Aubrey Trinnaman