Atari Safari Reveal New Single “Freak Out”

Atari Safari Reveal New Single "Freak Out"
Atari Safari “Freak Out”

UK acid house rising talents Atari Safari have revealed their new single “Freak Out“.

The two-track release is out now via Reptile Dysfunction and melts the boundaries between Classic House vibes and Acid House wonkiness that seamlessly combine to add yet another solid release to the Atari Safari boy’s repertoire.

Grab it here and stream it  below.

Atari Safari AKA Keef and Ben Booker, are a UK DJ/Production duo who hail from the North West of England. Coming in hard for 2022 and with releases already signed with Marylebone Records, Hausa Groove, Subtractive Records, Klaphouse, Artema and Rollerblaster Records to name a few; plus remixes for artists such as EDUKE and Donald Pump, you’re sure to be hearing a lot more from them. Creating original tracks with influences from Chicago House, Funk, Soul, Acid and Balearic sounds, you can also catch them at their Residencies with Citrik and the “Atari Safari Show” on Data Transmission Radio (8pm on 4th Thursday of the month).