AUS!Funkt Premiere New Single/Video “7 Billion”

AUS!Funkt Premiere New Single/Video "7 Billion"

Toronto-based art-disco/post punk/electro/death disco quartet AUS!Funkt have premiered their new single “7 Billion” and its accompanying video.

The song is taken from their new EP ‘Can You Make It Alright?‘, featuring 2 new austere-disco/post-punk-infused tracks, out today, November15. Grab it here.

Watch/listen below.

AUS!Funkt “7 Billion”

Rejecting the lyrical and musical excesses of rock music, AUS!Funkt combines the groove of electronic music with the subversive aggression of post-punk. The lyrics, spoken and sung, provoke the mind with their realism and repetition. On top, the guitar spurts out clouds of noise, while the bass supplies the melody.

AUS!Funkt assaults the senses and uneases the mind while you dance to its unsettling disco beats.

Speaking about the band’s name, they shared:

aus!Funkt aka “austere funktion” refers to a function or role that is characterized by simplicity, strictness, or a lack of ornamentation. “Austere” means plain, simple, or severe in appearance or manner, while “function” refers to a purpose or role. Therefore, an “austere funktion” describes a task or role that is straightforward, minimalistic, and focused on its essential purpose without unnecessary embellishments or frills.

Careful examination of the limited use of notes confirms the diagnosis of the syndrome of ‘post-notes’ austerity.”