AUS!Funkt Unleash New Single “You Don’t Know How To Fix This”

AUS!Funkt Unleash New Single "You Don't Know How To Fix This"
AUS!Funkt “You Don’t Know How To Fix This”

Toronto-based art-disco/post punk/electro/death disco quartet AUS!Funkt have unleashed their new single “You Don’t Know How To Fix This“.

The track features on their brand new EP ‘Limits Are Set‘, out today, December 12. It follows on from their ‘Can You Make It Alright?‘ EP, released last month.

UPDATE 12/18/2023: “You Don’t Know How To Fix This” is our new Single of the Week!

Of the EP, the band shared: “Dive into a world where limits are merely a state of mind and join us in breaking through the confines of ear-pleasing music. “LAS” is here to, at least briefly, alter your musical experience.”

Grab it here and take a listen below.

Comprised of Miroslav Miskovic (aka Jozzef Ladovina), Evan Henderson, Olivia Korwan, and Hugo Frutuoso, AUS!Funkt rejects the lyrical and musical excesses of rock music by combining the groove of electronic music with the subversive aggression of post-punk. The lyrics, spoken and sung, provoke the mind with their realism and repetition. Electronic beats seduce the body into movement, freeing it from its torpor, while the guitar spurts out clouds of noise and the bass supplies the melody. AUS!Funkt assaults the senses and uneases the mind while you dance to its unsettling disco beats.


  1. You Don’t Know How To Fix This
  2. Unsettling Limitation
  3. You Don’t Know How To Fix This (A!F’s Austere Disco)
  4. Unsettling Limitation (A!F’s Austere Disco)