B-Movie Return With New Single “Love Is Dead”

B-Movie Return With New Single "Love Is Dead"

Mansfield’s finest post punk band B-Movie have returned with their new single “Love Is Dead“.

Vocalist Steve Hovington says: “The easy part is writing the song. The hardest part is sharing it.

Two deeply personal new B-Movie songs coming your way, the first is ‘Love is Dead (L’Amour est Mort)’ features a verse sung in French. Apologies to my French friends but I had to conjure up my inner Serge Gainsbourg because the lyrics and sentiment of the song demanded it. 


Both songs were written by myself and Paul Statham during lockdown. Two old mates refusing to let the shit get in the way of banging out a good tune.”

He played most of the instruments and has mixed and produced the tracks like the recording legend he is. I added some bass. Graham Boffey added live drums and our new recruit, the extraordinarily talented Marina Black Marine  additional keyboards. It’s taken forever to get the songs out but good things are worth the wait.

More news on the next track with exclusive video and limited edition EP soon.

Buy the track here and watch a lyric video below.

B-Movie “Love Is Dead” Lyrics:

September sky of powder blue
The perfect day for a rendezvous
She’s all in black
I ask why are we here?

She says that our love is dead
Words as cold as stone
Echo in the air
Remnants of a dream
There’s nowhere left to turn
It’s a fait accompli
It’s the end
our love is dead

We sit and talk as time goes by
A crimson moon hangs in the sky
I watch my world turn to dust
when she says that our love is dead …

Notre amour est mort a jamais
Bonjour tristesse mon coeur saigne
Elle a tué notre amour
mais maintenant je suis libre
Merci pour le coup de grâce,
merci pour le coup de grâce
Merci pour ma liberté, ma liberté!
L’Amour est Mort
mais la vie est belle