Baba Ali Unveil New Single/Video “Hold My Head”

Baba Ali Unveil New Single/Video "Hold My Head"

London-based dance punk/post disco outfit Baba Ali (made up of Baba Doherty and Nik Balchin) have unveiled their new single “Hold My Head” and its accompanying video.

The song is taken from their upcoming sophomore album ‘Laugh Like a Bomb‘, set to arrive on April 13 via Memphis Industries. Pre-order your copy here.

Hold My Head was born at the end of a creative rut for Baba Ali, coming to fruition at the end of a frustrating writing session in which the pair had found themselves losing their patience. “I just kept singing it until I could really feel the depth of the words, and my eyes started to Water.” Baba notes.

“We stopped the session there and I knew something had finally stuck. I realised that it was this intense emotional place in myself that I needed to tap into as we continued writing the album.” He continues.

“The moments of feeling worn out on tour ended up being a real inspiration for the song. The opening line ‘sew me up’, in fact, came from a time when my trousers kept coming apart at the seams when performing. I would have to keep repairing them in the hotel after each show, night after night after night. These repetitive actions of stitching, sewing, tearing…. really seeped into me.” He adds.

Watch/listen below.

‘Laugh Like A Bomb’ showcases anxious synths and scratchy guitars that collide with concrete drum hits, pulsing bass and Baba’s snarly vocals in a 40-minute collection that explores feelings of unease, abandon and desire as well explorations into the more sinister.