Bad Sounds Return With New Single/Video “Nu Me Nu Yu”

UK 70s inspired/indie dance/funk band Bad Sounds have returned with their new single “Nu Me Nu Yu“, alongside an accompanying music video.

The song, self-produced and mixed by Nathan Boddy (Mura Masa, Biig Piig, PinkPantheress) is out now and riffs of Bad Sounds’ own sonic style while taking in some seemingly newfound influences.

Speaking about it, the band said: “We’re absolutely delighted be the latest in a long list of bands ripping off the Beatles and repackaging it as our own. ‘Nu Me Nu Yu’ is a song that was originally destined for one of our side projects, but everybody we know told us it sounds too much like Bad Sounds, so we eventually got the hint and now we feel silly for not realizing it ourselves. The lyrics are pretty self explanatory, they’re just spelled stupid”.

“The video is super DIY just like they were when we first started out. We built a room of mirrors and spent a day bumping into our reflections, and trying to not break the glass floor/ceiling/walls. It was super fun to shoot and kinda trippy to watch. We really hope people like it!”

Get it here and watch/listen below.