Band of the Month: La Sécurité (June)

Band of the Month: La Sécurité (June)

This Month’s featured band on Kool Rock Radio is Montreal art punk/post punk supergroup La Sécurité.

La Sécurité is a collective whose art punk is equal parts: jumpy beats, off-kilter arrangements, and minimalistic melodic hooks. After years of writing earworms for the pleasure of beautiful weirdos, all the while strutting their style on tour with their many different projects (Choses Sauvages, Laurence-Anne, Silver Dapple, etc.), the motley bunch now meanders the fringes of punk, new wave and krautrock.

Since coming together, the five-piece has been invited to perform at SXSW, FME, Phoque OFF, Taverne Tour and DISTORSION Psych Fest, also sharing the stage with the likes of Automatic, Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp, TVOD, etc.

After years of writing catchy tunes for the pleasure of beautiful weirdos, all the while strutting their style on tour with their many different projects, the members from La Sécurité are now summoning the ghosts of late 70s era New York City, a time when the likes of E.S.G., Bush Tetras and Suicide would destroy standardized musical formulas in underground venues.

Though their songs are meant to be blasted onto dancefloors, their lyrics are somewhat like comfy furniture basking into a metaphorically-lit backroom, where words can go chill for a few minutes, perhaps press start and play a level or two. 

Debut album Stay Safe!

The band now offers Stay Safe!, a first full-length that is manic, yet surprisingly laid-back, and should no doubt strike a chord with fans of Le Tigre, Automatic, Wet Leg, Devo, E.S.G. or The B-52’s.

On this long-player, the band’s uncanny knack for non-stop melodious influx and inventive disco-tinged new wave arrangements is almost tangible. Percussive flare-ups inducing novel feet patterns, harmonically challenging pockets of mind-boggling prowess, nonchalant melodic particles from a different space-time continuum, as well as elusively deep-delving lyrical probes are but a few tropes made-up in a playful attempt to describe their quirky sound. And though their new imprint achieves sonic extravagance through rather typical instrumentation, the five-piece uses rock & roll equipment in flatout volatile ways.

La Sécurité are:
  • Éliane Viens-Synnott – Vocals, Synth
  • Félix Bélisle – Bass, Vocals
  • Kenny Smith – Drums, Vocals
  • Laurence-Anne – Guitar, Synth, Vocals
  • Melissa Di Menna – Guitar, Synth, Vocals

Stay Safe!‘ arrives on June 16 via Mothland, pre-order it here.

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Photo credit: Aabid Youssef