Beach Fossils Announce New LP ‘Bunny’, Stream “Don’t Fade Away”

Beach Fossils Announce New LP 'Bunny', Air "Don't Fade Away"
Beach Fossils ‘Bunny’

Brooklyn-based bedroom pop/lo-fi band Beach Fossils have announced the release of their new album ‘Bunny‘, and have shared the video for lead single “Don’t Fade Away“.

The follow-up to 2017 full-length Somersault, will be out on June 2 via Bayonet Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Bunny delivers us 11 new classics–a precise blend of the dream-pop they notoriously pioneered, familiar post-punk vigor, & the sophisticated songwriting of seasoned musicians.

The record has Dustin Payseur’s most vulnerable lyrics by far. He’s pushed himself to be honest and give insight to his emotional world. From poignant words about a family member’s cancer battle and the joy of being a father, to small, but meaningful moments with friends, Bunny is the band’s most vivid, grounded and personal work to date.

The songs reflect on depression, love, adventure, loss, mistakes, New York City, friendships coming and going — a mélange of granular pieces in the process of continuing to find yourself. Payseur’s collage-like lyrics communicate through tone and mood as much as narrative; New York poets like Frank O’Hara, Ted Berrigan, and Anne Waldman were on his desk, as was the Tao Te Ching.

On the new single, Payseur shares:

“‘Don’t Fade Away’ is about missing old friends, being on tour, self-medicating, longing, anxiety, love, being an idiot, having fun, embracing your mistakes and keeping your spark.”

Check out the album’s tracklist and cover art below, followed by the video for “Don’t Fade Away“.

Bunny Tracklisting:

  1. Sleeping On My Own
  2. Run To The Moon
  3. Don’t Fade Away
  4. (Just Like The) Setting Sun
  5. Anything Is Anything
  6. Dare Me
  7. Feel So High
  8. Tough Love
  9. Seconds
  10. Numb
  11. Waterfall