Biocym Reveals New Single “Kof’s Run”

Biocym Reveals New Single "Kof's Run"

Italian electronic/deep/techno DJ/producer Biocym (aka Riccardo Campanale) has revealed his trippy new single “Kof’s Run“.

The track serves as the title track of his brand new EP “Kof’s Run“, written and produced by Campanale, mastered by Kevin Erckens at Van Arck Mastering, out today, July 14. Buy it here.

This EP is made to immerse the listener in the darkest parts of the forest, surrounded by wild animals that represents the prey race of the protagonist Kof.

Take a listen below.

Biocym is an artistic project from southern Italy that seeks to awaken emotions by expressing its feelings towards reality and the use of atmospheres and scenarios reflected in its sound. His music is the meeting point of his two influences: natural sounds and those other sounds generated by his creativity.


  1. Fury
  2. Kof’s Run
  3. 0106