Bizou Premiere “Tribulations” (LCD Soundsystem cover)

Bizou Premiere "Tribulations" (LCD Soundsystem cover)

Los Angeles, California darkwave/post punk/shoegaze supergroup Bizou have premiere their cover of LCD Soundsystem classic “Tribulations“.

BIZOU is the sum of it’s parts: driving post-punk bass + wall of sheeny shoegaze guitars + shifting scales of synths + the propulsive rhythms of darkwave, all fused together with dreamy vocals ala’ Curve, Cranes, Garbage or PJ Harvey… (And this should come as no surprise, given the pedigree of the band, comprised of members of The Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt, Wax Idols, and Light FM.)

The track is out now via Moonboot Records and follows this year’s single “Deep F Rem” (from the compilation album, The Pains of Existence) and their 2021’s debut LP Tragic Lover.

Tribulations” features on LCD Soundsystem eponymous debut album, released on January 24, 2005.

Grab the cover here and take a listen below.

Bizou “Tribulations”

Bizou are: Marisa Prietto (vocals), Josiah Mazzaschi (drums, guitar, synth, percussion), Nicole Fiorentino (bass, backing vocals) and Nicki Nevlin (guitar).

Photo credit: Kristin Cofer