Black Market Karma & The Underground Youth Share “Wonky”

Black Market Karma & The Underground Youth Share "Wonky"

London psychedelic pop artist Black Market Karma (aka Stanley Belton) has shared the video for “Wonky“ featuring Craig Dyer of iconic psychedelic rock duo The Underground Youth.

The song features on his eleventh full-length album “Friends In Noise“, a collaborative record rooted in friendship, released earlier this year (Jan 13) via London boutique label. Grab it here.

Words from The Underground Youth’s Craig Dyer:

In the hazy days during which I started my project, many years ago now, before live shows and a global following, I found like minded individuals and bands in a small online community. One of those individuals was Stan and his band, Black Market Karma. Fast forward to a different time, years have passed and the both of us are still creating music under our long since chosen monikers. In a perfect celebration of that, Stan approaches me with his idea to collaborate on a song. I dig into the vaults of myself to produce something reminiscent of the period in which our bands began and the music that inspired those beginnings. The result was ‘Wonky’, a perfect blend of 50% Black Market Karma and 50% The Underground Youth.”

Black Market Karma’s Stan Belton adds:

Craig and I became pals during the nascent days of our bands. I remember that the kind of music we loved and wanted to make felt somewhat dead at the time, so it was special to come across groups like TUY and connect in that way. He’s a good dude and a wicked lyricist. We’ve both been at it for over a decade since those early beginnings and it’s real nice to have this collaboration out together. It really is a perfect blend of both our groups. I dunno why we didn’t do it sooner”.

Watch the clip below.

Photo credit: Ruari Meehan