Black Nite Crash Release Lyric Video For “Signals”

Black Nite Crash Release Lyric Video For "Signals"

Seattle garage pop / psych / shoegaze band Black Nite Crash have released a lyric video for their latest single “Signals“.

The song has been added to our current playlist and is taken from their sixth full-length album ‘Signal to Noise‘, released last month, February 16 through Neon Sigh. Get your copy here if you haven’t already.

The band shared: “We love every single song on the new album and it feels like every day a different song is the new favorite… This one has lasted more than a few days on the top of the list lately. It’s called “Signals” and it’s about connecting and connections and the good feelings we can get from that.”

Watch/listen below.

Black Nite Crash “Signals” Lyrics:

Lord, I’ve been away so long
I’ve been asleep now something’s wrong
I’m still so tired but I won’t quit
Cuz can’t get away from it

I was right you should’ve known
Here in this crowd I’ve been alone
It’s second nature first time around
While you were lost and I was found

And no one feels the way that I do
But I think you might feel it too
Cuz when I’m with you I still believe
I’m sending signals, can you receive?

They can’t stop what they just won’t see
And they don’t see when they look at me
You and I we can stop this now
Just take my hand and I’ll show you how

Take my hand and I’ll show you how (x4)