Black Nite Crash Reveal New Single “Affliction”

Black Nite Crash Reveal New Single "Affliction"

Seattle garage pop/psych/shoegaze band Black Nite Crash have revealed their new single “Affliction“.

The song is the second taste of their forthcoming full-length album ‘Signal to Noise‘, due to be released in February 2024 through Neon Sigh. They have previously shared the record’s lead single “Electric“.

Get it here and take a listen below.

Made up of Jim Biggs (vocals/guitar), Claire Tucker Peters (vocals/guitar), John Parker (bass), and Tony Zuniga (drums), Black Nite Crash formed in 2002. The band’s atmospheric, dynamic sound has seen them compared to The Church, The Pixies & The Jesus & Mary Chain.

Black Nite Crash “Affliction” Lyrics:

You are prone to afflictions of the circulation system
All extremities as bloodless as stone
And as cold as the kitchen linoleum in winter
When the damned holidays have dragged you home

When your parents die and you come back from the city
You will peel up the edges and find hardwood underneath
And you’ll scrape and plane ’til you don’t know your own name
And you’ll see your reflection in the ground beneath your feet
What’s your affliction?
What is your affliction?

If you follow the tracks of your thoughts to the ending
What will happen to your heart when the train leaves the rails?
Will you pull up the wreckage and listen for voices,
Start pulling out the people who lived to tell?

Or would you keep on walking, leave the brokenness behind you?
Would each fresh burst of flame soothe the aching in your back?
And your poor cold blood and your disembodied head
And your knock-kneed breathing and your little heart attacks
What’s your affliction?
What is your affliction?