Black Swan Lane Reveal New Single “Covenant”

Black Swan Lane Reveal New Single "Covenant"

Atlanta-based post punk/alternative band Black Swan Lane (led by Jack Sobel) have revealed their new single “Covenant“.

The track features on their eleventh full length album ‘Dead Souls Collide‘, set to arrive on December 12 via Eden Records Group and Wanderland Music Publishing / BMI. Pre-order your copy here.

UPDATE 12/04/23: “Covenant” is our new Single of the Week!

Black Swan Lane has become known as the most Manchester, U.K. sounding band in the U.S., and having previously featured two original members of the Chameleons U.K. on four albums, only emphasizes the British post-punk and dark alternative sound. 

Dead Souls Collide was recorded/mixed over the course of 10 months at Wanderland Studios USA, and mastered by Donn Aaron at Mixon Studios in Atlanta. 

Commenting on the record, Sobel says:

“I started writing and recording this one in February, wound up with 14 songs, and I decided on 11 of those tracks after listening to them and editing them every night for months. I also have a small and loyal group of friends that I regularly bounce ideas off of. Mostly for honest thoughts and opinions about the rough mixes. These ideas just started to flow from me in the studio after saying a year ago that I couldn’t imagine coming up with anything new, after Blind came out.”

Check out “Covenant” below.

Black Swan Lane “Covenant”

Dead Soul Collide Tracklist:

  1. Covenant
  2. The Sacrifice
  3. Crushed
  4. Push Me Under
  5. Thorns
  6. Forever Lost
  7. Alone as Me
  8. Under My Wings
  9. A Place Where the Light Dies
  10. Ghosts (Instrumental)
  11. Inhibitions

Photo credit: Thomas Dausner