Black Tie Dynasty Premiere New Single/Video “Hurricane”

Black Tie Dynasty Premiere New Single/Video "Hurricane"

Fort Worth, TX indie rock/synth rock band Black Tie Dynasty have premiered their new single “Hurricane”, and its accompanying video.

The song, produced and mixed by Alex Bhore, is out now and is another taste of their highly-anticipated new album ‘Steady‘, out soon. We have previously heard “Beginner“.

Speaking about it, they say: “In Hurricane, we knew it was important to create tension an drama. So Brian uses op one synthesizer to add this theramen-like swirling noises that you hear in verse two. It works thematically and it was fun to explore a new sound for us. The song is about how we often repeat ourselves and stay locked into our patterns and undoubtedly there are moments of chaos where a force is press down upon us that we can’t control. In these moments come revelation, they also provide an opportunity to break free and forge a new path.”

Grab it here and watch Joel Herrera-directed video below.

Black Tie Dynasty have tapped into that same heated blood that coursed through the legendary music of groups like Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen and Depeche Mode to create sleek synth-rock for the modern day.

Black Tie Dynasty “Hurricane” Lyrics:

I know that I’m a creature of habit
A revelation
As I cling to an allusive vibration

I left the side door cracked with a map inside
An expectation
I should know by now that time is a teacher

I closed my fist I felt the blood go deeper, I knew the reason
And I let it bubble up to the surface

There was a hurricane about to make landfall
We went up the street to drink at the polish bar
We weren’t the only ones…
Said I guess I’m gonna back off the friction

We get a little bit of time
To make sense of this design