Bleib Modern Drop “Into The Night” Reimagined by M!R!M

Bleib Modern Drop "Into The Night" Reimagined by M!R!M

Berlin based post-punk/cold wave/shoegaze Bleib Modern have dropped the M!R!M‘s reimagined version of their track “Into The Night“.

After 2021’s critically acclaimed album “Afraid To Leave”, Bleib Modern invited artist friends to take an outside perspectives on their tracks, resulting in the “2 Afraid 2 Leave” compilation, featuring remixes and reworks from several esteemed names within the darkwave, post-punk and EBM music scenes.

From club bangers like IV Horsemen’s version of “Bitter Smile” and M!R!M’s synthpop take on “Into The Night” to Danish deviant pop artist Dune Messiah’s crooner “Loony Voices”.

“2 Afraid 2 Leave” will be out on February 23 via Wave Tension Records (digital and vinyl) and Icy Cold Records (digital and CD). Pre-order your copy here.

Listen to the M!R!M’s excellent take below.


  1. The KVB – Glow
  2. Dune Messiah – Loony Voices
  3. IV Horsemen – Bitter Smile
  4. Grotto Terrazza – Your Skin
  5. X!it Klaus – Sleep
  6. Bring Her – Portrait
  7. Promille Grazie – Soaked
  8. The Underground Youth – Around Your Arms
  9. Shad Shadows – Walls
  10. M!R!M – Into The Night
  11. Das Beat – Glow
  12. Blind Delon – Loony Voices
  13. Nox -Sleep

London-based coldwave/darkwave/post punk project M!R!M (aka Jack Milwaukee) latest studio album ‘Time Traitor’, came out April 2022 via Avant! Records.