Blood Air New Single/Video “Self Improvement”

Blood Air New Single/Video "Self Improvement"

Philadelphia punk/post punk/alt Blood have aired the video for their new single “Self Improvement“.

Paired with a video directed by Andrew McGlennon, the tautly streamlined new track sees the band at their most catchy and personable to date, with sharp-edged hooks and a rollicking bassline that proves post-punk can still be fun.

The song is out today (Dec 2) via Open Tab/Fire Talk. Get it here.

The band elaborates: “Self Improvement was born out of a reaction to the nausea of a social environment which demands a constant self critique and a public declaration of how one is “not yet there,” and how they are going to be better for an ever elusive approval.

The video was directed, shot, and edited by Andrew McGlennon. Watch/listen below.

Blood “Self Improvement”

Blood “Self Improvement” Lyrics:

He’s just a bastard with slack on his leash who don’t know
He’s just a master who faces the street and says
So clean it up faster
Get back to the people
With a running time that justifies their breeding
If I offend your kind, don’t reprehend your dreaming

You’re not, you’re not, you’re not trying hard
You’re not trying hard enough To win the farm

I just got my ass back from ass-backward treatment
I performing the healthiest version of me
You know I just got the gold, but I’m going for three-peat It’s a warning sign for the underachievers
I be eatin mine and starving out the plebes
You’re not no, you’re not trying hard
You’re not trying hard enough To improve yourself