Bolywool Unveil New Single “Ett berg, ett tr​ä​d”

Bolywool Unveil New Single "Ett berg, ett tr​ä​d"

Borgholm/Gothenburg-based post-rock/psych/experimental duo Bolywool (aka cousins Calle Thoor and Oskar Erlandsson) have unveiled their new single “Ett berg, ett tr​ä​d“.

The duo is celebrating 25 years as a band with

The cousins have in different ways walked forward together throughout their lives, and for a quarter of a century, Bolywool has bound them together. A number of different side projects have flown by, life situations have changed, and periods that broke them down have alternated with periods that built them up.

Now, to celebrate 25 years as a band, they’re releasing this new-ish track, which is actually a cover of their own song “The Mountain, the Three” from their 2012 album Isles, which for some inexplicable reason received 150 streams in one day somewhere on the Pampas. So, the idea was born of ​​combining an old gem with Bolywool 2023. The result was a large soundscape and a full set, it’s all at once and there is, as usual, an incredible amount of sound that always finds its way into each other and which always creates a whole that is unique in Sweden. The track feature guitars from Henrik Röstberg Hjelt (Omni of Halos).

Although the foundations of the song were laid 14 years ago and the duo themselves laid their first foundations 25 years ago, it is clear that in recent years Bolywool is riding a wave of new energy and vitality. The highs of last year’s releases “Orcadian Obsidian” and “Dead Reckoning” are incredible and are the ultimate proof that the duo are leaders in the genre.

The track is out now via VÅRØ, grab it here and stream it below.