BOO Release Music Video For “Unbecoming”

BOO Release Music Video For "Unbecoming"

Newhaven, UK synth pop/electronic duo BOO (Battery Operated Orchestra) have released the video for their newest single “Unbecoming“.

The track is taken from their recent album ‘Compulsory Games‘, released last week (Oct 31). Grab your copy here.

Compulsory Games, BOO’s fifth album is their most powerful work yet. Twelve thumping electronic pop tracks that lead us confidently from sweaty night club, to newsroom, to wild desert and to the dark flooded edge of town. Sonically, it’s massive. By turns dark and deep, then in a flash, soaring and joyful. BOO’s battalion of analogue synthesizers generate a through-line of pulsing, forward momentum. The album twists through darkness and light, ending in a kind of redemptive apotheosis.

The video for Unbecoming follows Brigitte as she drifts through the desolate, painted landscape of the Sonoran desert. Unbecoming is languid and melancholy, a heartbreaking synthpop gem.

Brigitte says…
“It’s a feeling of being in limbo, stuck between one place and another, with no idea of when it will end. It’s a place that requires a kind of catharsis to escape from.”

Watch it below.

BOO “Unbecoming”

Compulsory Games Tracklist:

  1. Cut Off The Head
  2. Compulsory Games
  3. Dead News
  4. Service Economy
  5. Killing Girl
  6. Rainhead
  7. Nightclub Mishap
  8. Confession
  9. Unbecoming
  10. Always On
  11. Lullaby
  12. All That Rises Must Converge