Boy With Apple – Band of the Month (February)

Boy With Apple - Band of the Month (February)
Boy With Apple – Band of the Month

Our featured band this month is Swedish dream pop/shoegaze/indie band Boy With Apple.

Boy With Apple emerged in 2019. The four members Saga, Zara, Tim, and Nils been friends for ages and the bond between them is a prerequisite for creating an end product out of the ordinary. Their unique sound has been shaped and developed together. Sometimes they take genre-breaking detours which can be seen in the details, but as a whole, it is crystal clear what kind of music they want to make. They just want to create a mesmerizing world of eternal sunlight touching your face, long embraces from someone you love, and unconditional comfort.

They released their first songs in early 2020. Before the summer of that year, they joined VÅRØ Records and released the single “Green Eyes” in June 2020. Later that year they released their debut EP “Walk in the Park” and established themselves on the Swedish indie scene.

The music is rich and ample, the vocals are bright and vague, and the lyrics touch your heart, mind, and soul. The EP from 2020 and the three singles from 2022, “Strawberry Boy“, “Brighter Than the Sun” and “Linger On“, display depth in sounds and highs in quality.

“Strawberry Boy” is musically really happy but lyrically they still found themselves on darker spots. The opening bass is hypnotizing and it rolls over to a huge world of sounds together with words about something close to a social apocalypse.

During 2023 they’ve been on the roads playing live in places like Wales, Vienna, and New York but they have also been in the studio to complete the recordings of their debut album, “Attachment”. With a desire to move forward, they anticipate international gigs, the creation of more music, new sounds, music videos, and beyond.

In anticipation to their debut record, the band have released two singles. First, GBG Hills (Gothenburg Hills), which speaks about mental illness, about being alone and dancing with the darkness. The second, “Good For you”, is a song about being sure about love, but unsure of yourself. ‘Attachment‘ will be out on March 15 via VÅRØ.

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