Boy With Apple Return With New Single “GBG Hills”

Boy With Apple Return With New Single "GBG Hills"

Swedish dream pop/shoegaze/indie band Boy With Apple have returned with their new single “GBG Hills“, their first in two years.

The track is taken from the upcoming debut album ‘Attachment‘, due to be released on March 15 via VÅRØ. Buy it here.

GBG Hills (Gothenburg Hills) sounds quite happy with a big dose of classic Swedish indie but, as so often when it comes to Boy With Apple, the song speaks about mental illness, about being alone and dancing with the darkness.

The four members Saga, Zara, Tim, and Nils been friends for ages and the bond between them is a prerequisite for creating an end product out of the ordinary. Their unique sound has been shaped and developed together. Sometimes they take genre-breaking detours which can be seen in the details, but as a whole, it is crystal clear what kind of music they want to make. They just want to create a mesmerizing world of eternal sunlight touching your face, long embraces from someone you love, and unconditional comfort.

Take a listen below.

Boy With Apple “GBG Hills” Lyrics:

You’ll never understand
all of the reasons I have
I wrote a list in my hand
of all the hills I’ll die at

You’ll never get why
I always feel alone
or why you make me cry
I tell no one but my phone

It makes me sick
Sick to my core
It makes me sing
Forever more

It makes me sick
Sick to my core
It makes me sing
Forever more

You’ll never understand
all of my thirteen reasons
I have the list in my hand
to go for rainy seasons

You never get how
your touch give me the chills
Your kisses feel like snowflakes
that cover Gothenburg’s hills

Repeat (CHORUS)

I’ll be the bearer of the trace you left behind
It doesn’t matter where you are – regards to where I am
and it will haunt me until it gets into my bloodstream
and I will turn you into oxygen

Repeat (CHORUS)

Photo credit: Christian Valenzuela Barrondo