BRACCO Reveal “Sunshine feat Benjamin Dupont” Music Video

BRACCO Reveal "Sunshine feat Benjamin Dupont" Music Video

French mega wave/punk/electronic duo BRACCO have revealed the video for their latest single “SUNSHINE featuring Benjamin Dupont from Bryan’s Magic Tears.

The song is part of our current playlist and is from their sophomore album ‘Dromonia‘, included in out Best Albums of 2022 list. Grab it here if you haven’t already.

Music veterans will note that Bracco has that distinctive sound of pivotal periods when everything gets dicey, the day guitar made its way into techno, that moment when punks learned a fourth chord, the night the Happy Mondays entrusted Bez with maracas.

That path is paved with brave records. Sunshine is a good example of that stateless crossover where the guitar/drums treatment is a success.

Watch the clip below.