Brigitte Calls Me Baby Drop “We Were Never Alive”

Brigitte Calls Me Baby Drop "We Were Never Alive"

Chicago-based indie/alternative band Brigitte Calls Me Baby have revealed their new single “We Were Never Alive”, an its accompanying video.

The track features on their upcoming debut album ‘The Future Is Our Way Out’, due out August 2 via ATO. Pre-order your copy here.

UPDATE 6/10/2024: “We Were Never Alive” is our new Single of the Week!

Brigitte Calls Me Baby emerged in 2023 scoring a top 10 radio hit (Impressively Average), along with a sold-out headlining tour across the US. Equal parts elegant time warp and up-close exploration of our modern-day neuroses.

With their debut LP,  the 5 piece share a body of work that spans genres and eras, merging the lavish romanticism of mid-century pop with the frenetic energy and spiky intensity of early-millennium indie rock, all centered on singer Wes Leavins’ hypnotically crooning vocal work. One listen and you’ll fall in love with their charming, swooning and shimmering sound that gives nods to The Smiths, Roy Orbison and The Smoking Popes.

Lead singer Wes Leavins said of the song:

Devin (the band’s bassist Devin Wessels) wrote the music to that song and I loved how dramatic it felt, so the goal was to match that drama in the lyrics. It became a song about how in the grand scheme of existence, the time we’re alive is so brief and insignificant. At some point, after you’re gone, when everyone who knew you is gone as well, it’s almost as if you never existed at all.

Watch the Alec Basse-directed video below.

Brigitte Calls Me Baby “We Were Never Alive”
  1. The Future Is Our Way Out
  2. Pink Palace
  3. Eddie My Love
  4. Fine Dining
  5. I Wanna Die In the Suburbs
  6. Too Easy
  7. Palm Of Your Hand
  8. Impressively Average
  9. We Were Never Alive
  10. You Are Only Made Of Dreams
  11. Always Be Fine

Photo credit: Scarlet Page