Bully Announces New LP ‘Lucky For You’, Airs “Days Move Slow”

Bully Announces New LP 'Lucky For You', Airs "Days Move Slow"

Nashville rock/indie artist Bully (aka Alicia Bognanno) has announced the release of her new studio album ‘Lucky For You‘.

The 10-track album was recorded in 2022 with help from producer JT Daly, and will be out on June 2 via Sub Pop. Pre-order your copy here.

According to the press release, Lucky For You combines punk grit, crunchy shoegaze bliss, and an explosive Britpop bop, all mixed in with the classic anthems Bully is known for. 

It came together over the course of seven months, the longest gestation process for a Bully record to date: “I was freaking out about it at first, because taking my time was so new for me. But a few months in, I realized how crucial that time ended up being. I got songs out of it that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.” Bognanno says.

“With every record, I feel more and more secure in terms of doing what I want. For this one, I wanted to be as creative as possible with these songs.” she adds.

New Single ‘Days Move Slow‘, was written after the passing of her beloved dog and best friend, Mezzi. Bognanno says:

“as someone who has spent the majority of my life feeling agonisingly misunderstood, there is no greater gift than experiencing true unconditional love and acceptance. I waited my whole life for the bond and irreplaceable companionship I had with Mezzi. She was my best friend and my only constant through some of the most pivotal moments and phases of my life. I was a stranger to the level of love I now know exists because of Mezzi. Love you forever; I’m lucky for you.” 

The video for the songwas directed by Alex Ross Perry, who comments:

“This is my third time collaborating with Alicia, but my first time collaborating with Bully. Having written the original songs for my film Her Smell and performed at the Pavement Museum Tribute Concert “scene” for my forthcoming film on them, I can’t believe I finally got to make a Bully video. Right away, it seemed striking to make a piece as stark and measured as possible, not to make a video that replicates the song’s sonic energy but to visualise the emotional weight and feelings of loss and grief depicted in the lyrics. Alicia doesn’t seem to have been filmed in 16mm black and white before, so it was a no-brainer to give that a try.” 

Check out the album’s tracklist and cover art followed by the video for ‘Days Move Slow‘, below.

Lucky For You Tracklist:

  1. All I Do
  2. Days Move Slow
  3. A Wonderful Life
  4. Hard to Love
  5. Change Your Mind
  6. How Will I Know
  7. A Love Profound
  8. Lose You (ft. Soccer Mommy)
  9. Ms. America
  10. All This Noise