Candid Drop New Single/Video “Too Much Or Not Enough”

Candid New Single "Too Much Or Not Enough"

Coventry indie rock band Candid have dropped their new single “Too Much Or Not Enough“.

The song is the first taste of their upcoming debut EP ‘Clarity‘ out on June 7th via Kycker. Pre-order your copy here.

CANDID, made up of Rob, Dan, Sam, and Max, have been turning heads with their electric wall of sound. Often drawing sonic comparisons to acts such as Foals, Inhaler, or The Horrors paired with a voice like Kelly Jones, CANDID strikes a balance between polished and raw that captivates their listeners with cutting guitar and powerful rhythm.

Following the success of ‘Wasted Time‘ which garnered over 250,000 streams within a six-month period, CANDID are ready to take on the next chapter of their journey.

An explosive movement is imminent as a hail of new material is set for release in Spring 2024. Boasting addictive melodies and piercing lyrics, the Coventry indie poster boys appear full of swagger and determination to break as many doors down with an unapologetic blast into Keys.

The debut EP ‘CLARITY’ explores the ever confusing state of mind someone would experience pursuing a life of creativity, painted by a fully fuelled indie rock disco soundscape.

Take a listen to “Too Much Or Not Enough” below.

Clarity Tracklist:

  1. Clarity
  2. Too Much or Not Enough?
  3. The Feeling
  4. Smalltalk
  5. Wide Awake
  6. Future Fade