Candid Faces Release New Single “Coming Home”

Candid Faces Release New Single "Coming Home"

Hull post punk/trash pop band Candid Faces have released their new single “Coming Home“.

Following the success of their previous single, Needle Talk, Candid Faces are back with Coming Home, a raw and vibrant slice of post-punk that lyrically touches on abusive parental relationships, themes of bigotry and dealing with such issues as a young person. Grab it here.

Keeping a lo-fi feel to the record, Coming Home was produced at Hull University’s in-house studio by Tom Foston from fellow up and coming Hull based band The Avenues

An incessant post-punk guitar hook starts things off before punchy drums kick in and lead to seemingly witty lyrics from the spirited vocals of Liz Shaw about an imaginary anti-social bloke – but these soon develop into an uneasy diatribe about one individual known by the band.

Liz explains: “It may seem like a fun jokey track that pokes fun at bigots and abusers but for our guitarist it was a healing process and a way for them to write about difficult experiences from their childhood, even if it was just an ambiguous four lines”.

Take a listen below.

Describing themselves as ‘the freshest thing to come out of Yorkshire since the pudding’ this 5-piece combo box meal of funky fury contains feisty lead vocalist Liz Shaw backed up by Taro Keeitch and Joe Beeks on guitars, Ben Hales on bass and Kurt ‘The Hurt’ Jackson on drums. Not
taking themselves too seriously and citing bands like Idles, Softplay, LIFE and Low Hummer as major influences, Candid Faces write hard-hitting, catchy songs that revolve around subjects like old women, abuse, fist fights & paranoia.

Photo credit: Stewart Baxter